Our process starts with real conversation.

The result: deeper relationship.

The outcome: a better plan.

We’re not here to talk about retirement, we’re here to talk about refocusing. We have spent years listening to clients struggle with the term and honestly, the accounting definition refers to a piece of equipment that has reached the end of its useful life.  We believe the next chapter of someone’s life can be some of the most abundant, joyful and rewarding times.  We believe a better way to talk about the future is by starting with a conversation about values and what’s most important to you and your family.

First, We listen.
Second, We listen more.
Third, We help you plan a full life, defined by what we heard.

Building Relationship Intentionally

A Model for Intentionality and client success.

If you want to know someone, you don’t just introduce yourself and then walk away wishing you knew them better. You ask questions, invite them to coffee, and spend regular time listening to their story. That’s what we’re here to do.

The Personal Discovery Process™
The first step in our process is all about you. We want to learn about your goals and dreams, and also give you an opportunity to learn about our company.

The Financial Snapshot™
In the second step, we will go into more detail in an effort to get the overall picture of your current financial situation and your long and short-term goals.

The Clarity Conversation™
Before moving forward, we will have another conversation to address any questions you may have and make sure we have listened and fully understand the goals and objectives previously established.

The Strategy Session™
Once all of the information is assembled, multiple members of our staff will be responsible for formulating a unique financial plan and reviewing it to ensure accuracy.

The WWM Life Plan™
The WWM Life Plan is a unique strategy that will encompass all of your goals and objectives, including risk analysis, cash flow, retirement, estate planning, taxes, education, and income strategies.

The WWM Game Plan™
As you begin to implement your Life Plan, we will be there to help make the recommended changes and guide you through the process.

The 45-Day Checklist™
We will provide a checklist that includes the specific tasks you need to address, as well as the issues we will be handling, to ensure everything is completed during the 45-day implementation phase.

The Semi-Annual Review™
Twice a year, we will meet with you to review your plan and address any changes that may have occurred in order to make certain we remain on track.

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