Financial planning that complements full-living.


We’re Waterway Wealth Management and we exist to have close relationships by being genuine.

Others Count on You

Whether you identify as a business owner, head of your family, an executive, or parent; A change in your life ripples, affecting others.

You’re confident in your strengths, but you know there are gaps. Too many people depend on you to not have a tight ship and a solid plan for navigating life.

Our Process Starts here:

You get to know us, we get to know you.

Spend time on the relationship first, then we can talk about how to make your financial plan give you the freedom to live a full life today.

Let’s Get to know each other

Those who have leaned on our small team of financial planners and professionals tell us they experience Peace, Calm, Satisfaction & Confidence associated with the accomplishment of completing the process together.

We not only work hard to excel in all we do, but also to be true to ourselves.  We share the responsibilities before us and draw on the talents of people who we have come to trust deeply.  Ultimately, we spend time thinking about the past and the future, so we can redirect our focus into what it means to live a full life today. 

Our work together has meaning now. 

Waterway Wealth Management

Let’s Stop Using Retirement.
It’s time to “Refocus”.

“Retirement” was an accounting term coined in reference to machines that had lost their practical utility, when it was time to write something off the books, and get rid of it. 

We like, “Refocusing Planning”

To us, retirement planning is a chance to refocus, to find new purpose and validity beyond the day-to-day rhythms of running a company. We believe your years of experience make you even more valuable today, so let’s find the right ways to spend your still-valuable time.



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