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"Financial planning” is an all-encompassing term.

We use it to describe the analysis, review and recommendation process that covers the five major financial components that constitute a comprehensive financial plan.



Estate Planning

The goal is simple: define what “full-living” looks like for you. Then together, chart a course to get us there. Interestingly, for as many of these goals that are financial, an equal number have nothing to do with money. A good plan helps you see that your vision of the future is achievable, and outlines what we must do together to get there. We’ll take time to clarify how each of the five areas interact with each other.

Good businesses all work from a plan so why not create a plan for living a full life?

Core Philosophy that guides a Financial Plan

“Make more money” is a common goal, but we have found it’s a bit shortsighted and lacks the degree of specificity necessary to create clear goals and ultimately the Peace, Calm, Satisfaction & Confidence our clients have said they want. So, we have created a framework to guide us on the journey to help our clients articulate what is important to them. This begins with listening.

Asset Preservation

We believe risk management is a component of all financial planning and is essential to provide a comprehensive plan. You have worked hard to accumulate your assets and preservation of those are critical to protecting you and your family.

Investment Management

We believe in a long-term investment strategy that reduces risk while enhancing potential returns. We’re not looking for quick wins and high risk, we build balanced portfolios that are diversified between stocks, bonds, and cash investments. We feel that it is imperative to remain focused on long-term goals and objectives, even during times of short-term volatility. Good investing requires discipline, patience, and a long-term outlook. Keep in mind, no investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining markets.


Tax Planning

We believe tax planning is a vital part of financial planning. The strategy we employ is a long-term focus on spreading income, whenever possible, over years when rates are low, and taking advantage of things such as ROTH contributions and IRA distributions. Conversely, when tax rates are high, we utilize charitable contributions and accelerate deductions whenever possible in an attempt to defer income to the future. Taxes are taken into consideration with all investment decisions in order to maximize the benefit for our clients, as well as legitimately minimize their tax exposure.

Cash Flow

We believe cash flow planning can provide our clients with the proper liquidity when it is most needed. “Net worth” is meaningless if your goal is to re-focus away from a daily working schedule and begin to live on your portfolio investments.


Sadly, this word has lost a lot of popularity today. Most people rely only on investing to be their source of savings. Accumulating wealth isn’t only through producing great returns. In our world, the emphasis is much the opposite. Saving consistently over a long period of time has allowed our clients to accumulate wealth and be productive without worrying about short-term market fluctuations.

Generational Planning

Planning for future generations is one of the greatest opportunities we see in our work. Money is a mechanism that allows our clients to enjoy shared experiences with those they care about. We assist our client in creating a legacy that will exist throughout their lifetime, their children’s lifetime, and even their grandchildren’s lifetimes. Doing this right can make all the difference in the longevity of your legacy and the effect it has on future generations for good.


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