Dan Wrote a Book.

“Retirement Done Right: Intentional Planning for a Life Well Lived”

Look at any photo of a person from 1950 at age 75 and you’ll see how different our expectations are now when we think of our own vitality. People live longer, which means retirement “Re-focusing” lasts longer. We’re all staying healthier longer too, and we need resources to enjoy that excess energy. However, if all you’re doing is rethinking and bumping up the amount of money you’ll need, I’m here to tell you you’re looking at this retirement thing all wrong.

Money is just the mechanism that allows you to do things with people you enjoy. The relationships you have now and will have then will mean the most. Cliches and common pitfalls many retirees face can be avoided with thoughtful consideration ahead of time.

By weaving together powerful examples of people who’ve successfully navigated the waters to joy-filled retirement and financial planning tips that may make you reconsider the route you’re currently taking, Dan Michalk will make you move your thinking from saving for retirement to truly and intentionally planning for this ever-increasing span of full-life.


Retirement Done Right: Intentional Planning for a Life Well Lived



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