Full-living isn’t all about "tomorrow"

One of our clients put it best when he said this, “The people at Waterway clarify and bring awareness. But it’s not just advice; they are doing the work with you. They tell you straight, even the hard stuff, but there is joy in moving through that with someone who cares about what happens to you in your life.”

We are in this work because it’s meaningful. Some firms try to minimize time with their clients, choosing quantity over relationship; we’re the opposite. We carefully limit the number of people we work with, because a relationship isn’t about being efficient with people. A true relationship takes time to nurture.

What does it look like?

Walking into our office you immediately feel at ease when you see familiar faces. The entire team is excited to see you and truly interested when they ask about your recent travels, family or anything personal you would like to share. Everyone knows your name, your family and your story, you’re not just a number at Waterway Wealth Management.

Core Philosophy


Our way at Waterway Wealth Management is to blend our core “professional” values of accountability, integrity and honesty seamlessly with more traditional “personal” values such as respect, family and faith. Whether you see us on a Sunday morning at church or a coffee shop during the week, we are the same people then as we are at the office on a Monday afternoon.


Our individual relationships with our clients allow us to provide high-quality financial advice that has an impact on, and is influenced by, their daily lives. We draw from a diverse base of knowledge and experience to provide truly individual solutions for each family. This combination allows us to address financial objectives together in such a way that everyone ends up focusing on the really important things, living a full life, starting today.


Why does "why" Matter

We only have so much capacity to think about the future. We are meant to live in the present. Many financial advisors make the fatal mistake of leaving the conversation outside of the present moment and only focus on a distant future. We spend time talking about the past, the future, and then come home to the present moment. And HERE is where we serve our clients. HERE is where we connect ‘what is important’ to ‘how do we achieve it’. And we do this by guiding our clients, daily, in the steps along the course we have charted together.

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