Other than looking a bit odd because the shapes are irregular and don’t fit together perfectly, the Waterway Wealth Management Logo does have some meaning behind it.

The five pieces surrounding the “W” in our logo represent the five major components of financial planning which are:

-Retirement Plans-or what we like to refer to as Re-focusing
-Insurance or Risk Management

It takes all of these pieces together to make up a financial plan.  From our experience, client’s situations are always different.  Some are very complex and have a lot going on in their family and business-wise.  Everyone we work with is unique and so part of what we do is pull these five pieces together to make them fit, but they never quite fit perfectly.

We all have things that have happened in our lives, good and bad, and sometimes we have irregularities about us that make us different, make us unique.

Our job is to bring all these pieces together, for your benefit, to be efficient, to be lean, to be wise, but also to be flexible in that markets change, economies change, and tax law for sure will continue to change.  We want to make sure you have a strategy pulled together but are still flexible, that your financial plan is clear.

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