Let’s pivot the retirement conversation.

Let's Talk About Re-focusing.

We help clients repattern to a full life born from their values and their dreams as they pivot toward a new daily rhythm.

Our clients are self-starters, energizing people who have more than enough drive intellectually and experientially.  Retirement is both an end and beginning and should be seen for the new opportunities it can bring. Most, at age sixty-five, are just reaching a point of extreme skill and giftedness.

So, let’s refocus that energy.

The first question we ask is not what you need in retirement, but what you want to focus on in the next season of life. Often, it’s not a nine-to-five schedule, but it’s also not golf seven days a week. The discussion typically shifts from the “numbers” into core values, ideals, life-long dreams and the importance of relationships in a person’s life. The financial target maintains a place in this conversation, but we’re aiming to achieve more than just a handle on the numbers. Our work together is an instrument to help us chart a path that both provides for our families, and also contributes our immense skill to our community and other areas of focus. It is here that we really take a stand for living a full-life. 

We believe in detailed retirement analysis in order to help clients save adequately while they are working and contributing to retirement funds that will last the rest of their lives. But that’s only a piece. Let’s talk about what this pivot will look like and let’s dream about something more inspiring.

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